Bristol Dominion Campaign Round Six

Big Boned Billy’s Revenge defended against the Feminasties again, in a small area of the Underhive tunnels. Due to prior injuries only 4 of the Escher were available to fight against 6 of the most tooled-up Delaques. Unfortunately, Billy’s plan of distributing potent drinks around the Underhive led the poor Feminasties to believe they were just seeing double rather than being horribly outnumbered.

It started out well with Whatsisname (relatively new Delaque ganger) going out of action (earning 2xp learning a lesson about standing in the open) as the Eschers jumped through tunnels surprisingly well. Then the Escher leader and champion being serially pinned prevented them from charging the shrinking circle of trenchcoats, while Gramps poured shotgun shells into the ladies to keep them on the floor.

On the other side of the tile, Billy himself was bogged down in combat with the Escher champion who took out Whatsisname – although he managed to take her out without assistance, ending in a trip to the Feminasties hired Doc (and an eye injury).

The Feminasties spread fire around, managing to put flesh wounds on a number of Delaques and keeping the champion Penny seriously injured for the remainder of the fight.

Wyatt charged another champion, using his Stiletto Blade to remove her from the Underhive – thankfully only into Recovery rather than anything major.

At this point the Feminasties lost their bottle and began to run while the Delaques calmly followed, looking to clear up the mess.

In the after-party, Billy found a flying blue rat pet and some of the Delaques finally bought some better armour.

Bristol Dominion Campaign Round Three

Big Boned Billy’s Revenge fought against the Feminasties, an Escher gang, in their third scheduled game of the campaign.

Unfortunately I’m writing this some time after the battle, so details will be sketchy. Oliver had a much better position and flanked the Revenge – who were mostly stuck behind a single barricade across a wide open space!

In general, the Revenge held their own in close combat but after one rotten turn of recovery rolls took out a number of them it pivoted from ‘we can still do this’ to ‘where has everyone gone?’ Billy and Penny were the only fighters left and bottled out knowing that they were probably the only fighters out of recovery. Oliver won the Sludge Sea territory from this straight-up Tunnel Fight.

The wrap-up was a mixed bag. There were actually three fighters available for another game, but the ganger taken to the Rogue Docs for an extortionate 100creds ended up dying anyway, of complications! Such is life (and the end of it) in the Underhive.

I needn’t have worried so much about recovery; the past week has been ‘Downtime’ where all fighters come out of recovery and get a bunch of credits to spend. The house masters have also given Billy’s Revenge some extra credits to keep him going for the second phase of the campaign!

Looking ahead, in the next campaign I will not be buying a heavy weapon again. They’re too expensive, and I would do better with more well-equipped fighters. I’ve heard that Forge World will be doing a Delaque weapons set soon so I will have a lot more options for the gang. The only thing that a heavy flamer has been good for so far is terrorising enemy gangers. If I do pick a heavy weapon, something more dangerous will be on the list… I will also probably skip the Long Rifle. It’s of limited utility in the Zone Mortalis games, although I love the model.

Bristol Dominion Round Two

My second game was against the Escher gang, the Toxtown Terrors. We were playing for the Needle Ways in a Tunnel Fight, and it looked promising for Big Boned Billy’s Revenge as they went up against the already bloodied and bruised Terrors.

The Revenge started out sneaky, spiking the drinks of two-thirds of the gang, leaving only the Juves alone. This contributed to the rather slow start – neither gang being able to land a hit and (on the rare occasions that they did) failing to wound.

Eventually stray shots started to hurt, as Shake (the Revenge’s Champion Arsonist with a heavy flamer) got hit in the back by a teammate and after too many rounds of no action, suddenly damage started flying on both sides.

The Revenge got complacent though, and didn’t realise that the Terrors had already won the scenario… they stuck in until the tunnels were empty and only then counted the cost. Three fighters were critically injured, and only Penny could afford to see the Docs. Jacob and Wilson died of their injuries later. Arnold and Irving took Grievous Injuries, while Lawrence was humiliated (-1 Leadership and Cool). Only Dot Junior, Shake and Billy himself were fit and healthy after the game. Dot Junior managed to take a champion out of action, and scored extra experience from Billy’s Mentor ability – now he has enough for some advancements, I think I’ll improve his Weapon Skill in order to groom him towards close combat prowess.

I think I’m going to try and squeeze in a bonus game this round, to try and keep it easy and get some of the fighters out of recovery before the next round!