October Painting


More Fyreslayers – I based a couple that fell off the temporary bases, and getting them slowly moved towards done… finishing up final details, tidying messy bits, and generally getting excited about moving onto the next project. I’ve been playing more Age of Sigmar with the eldest child, so will be good to get onto his models next.


Painting August 2022


After a very slow spring/summer, I started to push myself to get back to painting regularly. For one thing, I’d like to get our Age of Sigmar models completed to take to the local club!

So I’ve been plugging away at the gold bits of Fyreslayers. I’m in my old pattern of batch painting All The Things All At Once, so it’s getting repetitive as I’ve got 21ish Dwarfs to paint at the same time… and to be fair, Fyreslayers look cool but at the end of the day every unit is kind of the same.