Painting Update #6


I finally got the large deficit off the edge of the graph! Still bouncing up and down a little, but got it under control.

I’ve nearly finished the slopper now, just some eyes and small highlights to do.


The pot has been darkened and the slop painted, but the tentacle needs more highlight and probably a bit more shade on the pot itself.


Klingons are looking good, need more work on the armour though.


I’ve also started on the Mercator Nautica for Necromunda, but I need to pick up some more paints first. They’re tied in with a pre-order of the Delaque book so I have to stay patient. I might move onto the Koris Dreadball team while I am waiting instead.

Painting Update #5


In good news, the big deficit is falling off of the chart and shortening the Y axis

On the other hand, the weather is rotten for painting; I’ve only been able to get short sessions in (not just complaining about the heat!). This is good for testing colour schemes though; I’ve been experimenting with skin tones for Klingons:


and working on smaller models like this ratling slopper, and his cooking pot.


The pots a bit too shiny, I’ll need to muddy it up a bit.